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Southland secondary school sports finalists named

Southland secondary school sports finalists named

Timbersport world champion Bobby Dowling will be the guest speaker at this year’s Southland secondary school sports awards.

The annual awards, which celebrate achievement and commitment in Southland sport, will be announced at the Ascot Park Hotel on October 26.

An impressive line up of finalists have been confirmed for the awards night, across a wide range of categories including Contribution to Sport, Participation in Sport, Senior Girls, Senior Boys, Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Person with a Disability.

Volunteers will also be acknowledged during the evening.

“Once again we have been really impressed with the level of achievement and the dedication to volunteering that is happening at secondary school level in Southland. Sport continues to provide an ideal platform for developing our future leaders and it’s great that we can celebrate that through our annual awards,” Southland secondary school sports director Fiona Ward said.


 Contribution to Sport

Waitohu Broughton-Anderson AURA Coaching and refereeing

Bradley Carruthers FIOR Coaching and administration

Kimberley MacGregor JHAR Refereeing

Maia Cavanagh JHAR Umpiring and Coaching

Amy Crosswell VERD Refereeing

Khyla Matiu-Watson VERD Refereeing and Coaching

Kayde Hollebron WAKA Coaching and refereeing

Particpation in Sport - All play multiple sports

Emma Robertson AURA

Tim Willans FIOR

Madison Grieve JHAR

Will Stodart SBHS

Emma Dermody SGHS

Lucy Hall SGHS

Sophie Shallard STPG

Distance Takamori VERD

Senior Boys

Sam Hodges CSLC Volleyball

Andrew Allan GORE Athletics

Jacob Blomfield JHAR Swimming

Liam Hewitt JHAR Golf

Ryan Jones JHAR Archery

Corbin Strong SBHS Cycling

Jaxon Taylor SBHS Triathlon , Cross Country

Josh Burnett SBHS Mountain Biking

Sam Colyer SBHS Athletics

Senior Girls

Emily Patterson JHAR Cycling

Beth Scott MENZ Ice Hockey

Ella Smith SGHS Badminton

Nicole Marshall SGHS Cycling

Shakira Mirfin SGHS Rowing

Sophie-Leigh Bloxham SGHS Cycling

Ryshae Forbes SGHS Taekwondo

Alice Robinson WAKA Skiing

Hope Gregory WAKA Ice Hockey

Junior Boys

Jack Treloar CSLC Motocross

Sidney Spence FIOR Archery

Tim Willans FIOR Tennis

Ronan Shearing JHAR Cycling

Cody Harvey JHAR Cycling

Jack Taplin SBHS Taekwondo

Will Stodart SBHS Basketball

Max Caulton WAKA Mountain Biking

Junior Girls

Amy Pratt CSLC Swimming

Charlotte Clark JHAR Motocross

Halle Faherty JHAR Tennis

Rhylee Akeroyd JHAR Cycling

Person with a Disability

Connor Douglas VERD Mountain Biking

Team of the Year

APAR 2 Man Skeet Team

CSLC Trap Shooters

JHAR U16 Road Cycling Team

JHAR Mixed Tennis Team

SGHS Senior A Netball


WAKA Double Skulls

Tour of Southland riders in action in Canterbury

Tour of Southland riders in action in Canterbury

Netball South name training squad

Netball South name training squad