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Super Saturday sports wrap

Super Saturday sports wrap

The Southland Hawke Cup cricket team have started their summer with a two-day southern zone match against Otago Country at Molyneux Park in Alexandra.

It was a long day in the field for Southland, with the home team setting an imposing first innings total of 343 from 106.1 overs.

Harsh Visividiya claimed three wickets for Southland, with Joel Meade scoring a half century at the top of the innings and Barry White adding an unbeaten 61.

In reply, Southland reached stumps 4/0 with James Ng and Jarred McKenzie at the crease.

1 December 2018, Molyneux Park, Alexandra

JMJ Meade c A Singh b DS Stewart 50
TB Cumberland c SI Downing b BNJ Lockrose 29
CJ Jackson run out (HA Skelt) 3
CL Carson run out (BNJ Lockrose) 20
TJ McCormick c JL Osborne b HJ Visavadiya 48
BJ Andrews-Kennedy c SI Downing b BNJ Lockrose 30
JW Pyle c A Singh b HJ Visavadiya 27
BJ White not out 61
KH Loggenberg b HJ Visavadiya 2
SG Blakely b DS Stewart 19
TC Myles b SM Fitzgibbon 36
Extras (b 9, lb 6, wd 2, nb 1) 18
Total (for 10 wickets, 106.1 overs) 343
Fall: 1-82 (JMJ Meade, 28.1), 2-82 (TB Cumberland, 29.2), 3-91 (CJ Jackson, 33.2), 4-111 (CL Carson, 38.3), 5-166 (TJ McCormick, 54.3), 6-218 (JW Pyle, 73.6), 7-218 (BJ Andrews-Kennedy, 74.5), 8-238 (KH Loggenberg, 83.4), 9-272 (SG Blakely, 92.2), 10-343 (TC Myles, 106.1)Bowling: JL Osborne 12-1-52-0, JM Domigan 9-0-55-0 (1w, 1nb), SI Downing 8-1-25-0, BNJ Lockrose 38-16-83-2, DS Stewart 12-3-45-2 (1w, HJ Visavadiya 26-6-63-3, SM Fitzgibbon 1.1-0-5-1

SOUTHLAND First Innings
JDYK Ng not out 4
JB McKenzie not out 0
Extras (lb 0, nb 0) 0
Total (for 0 wickets, 5 overs) 4
Bowling: TC Myles 2-0-3-0, BJ Andrews-Kennedy 2-1-1-0, KH Loggenberg 1-1-0-0

Meanwhile, there were mixed results for Southland at the southern zone regional sevens qualifying tournament in Timaru today.

The Southland women’s team were unable to qualify for next year’s national tournament after losing all three games.

Southland were beaten 42-14 by Canterbury, 15-12 by Tasman and 20-5 by Otago. Liz Pera scored tries for Southland in both the Canterbury and Tasman games.

The Southland men’s team bounced back from a difficult start to book their place at the national finals.

Beaten 15-10 by South Canterbury, 21-12 by Canterbury and 35-0 by Tasman, the under-strength Southland team was in trouble, before banking a 15-5 win over Otago and 31-14 victory against Mid-Canterbury.

Brad Kooman, Alatini Vaihu and Leigh Bristowe were impressive for Southland.

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