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Girls only activities to encourage participation

Girls only activities to encourage participation

This year we have decided to introduce some girl’s only activities – as we feel this might encourage a higher rate of participation amongst girls.

Sport NZ have recently released a document called the Secondary Aged Review which shows the biggest drop off in young people being active occurs in the 15-17 year age group for girls. Some of the reasons that have come out of the research for the drop off are a lack of time , cost ,don't want to be involved in competitive events and a lack of self confidence .

We are introducing a new programme called Wahine Tae Ana Ki this is based on our values of Tae Ana Ki -meaning inclusion and Hauora – wellbeing. The emphasis for the chosen activities is to be inclusive, fun and social. We want an environment where participants are not judged on their appearance or level of skills. 

We have surveyed and talked to students and asked what the types of activities they would like to be involved in. We have based our ideas and intended activities around this

We are wanting to create a girl's activity club that has 3 sub clubs

  1. Health and Fitness Club

  2. Social Sports Club

  3. Adventure Club

For the Health  and fitness club we are working with Evolve Fitness and Mana Harrison A class will take place on a Wednesday at Evolve gym starting in term 4 on the 16th October. Another gym class is starting at James Hargest College on Mondays term 4 on the 21st October. These will run for a 6 week block.

As part of the social sports club Cycling Southland have promoted a Girls Only Cycling programme- which started in term 3.

In term 4 we are also introducing social badminton and Pickle ball. Pickle ball is a new sport which is a combo of tennis, badminton and table tennis – lots of fun. It will mean playing 30 minutes of badminton and then 30 minutes of Pickle ball- The emphasis once again is to be fun and social. This starts in term 4 on Thursday 17th October as a 6 week block.

The health and fitness sessions as well as badminton/pickleball are all free for the 6 weeks due to a Kiwisport funding grant and sponsorship from the ILT Foundation.

Anyone interested in registering will find details on our website,nz and it has been advertised on our Southland Secondary School Sport Facebook and Instagram pages.

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