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International students take to the court

International students take to the court

For the second year Southland Secondary School Sports have organized a sports day for International students.

Happening on Friday, April 6, this event is in response to the number of exchange students and international students studying in Southland schools, and industry such as dairying that bring in overseas families.

In many cases these students, being in an unfamiliar environment, are shy and reserved. We believe sport is a great vehicle for trying to integrate these students and help them to form associations.

Last year’s inaugural event was a huge hit for the students and schools were very positive about the day, requesting we hold it annually.

We currently have 130 students registered to take part in six sports at the ILT Stadium.

Last year we only offered four sports, which were chosen because they are viewed as global sports.

They were badminton, basketball, volleyball and futsal. We have added two more sports this year, which are track cycling and squash. Students will get to participate in two sports options, as opposed to one from last year.

Students will be put into teams so they will be mixed in with students from other schools. The sport development officers will provide some coaching initially then students will get to play the games in a short tournament format.

With holding the event in term one the aim is it will help with the integration of students in their schools and give them the opportunity to participate in a sport on a weekly basis.

Programme for the day

10.30am -10.45am Greeting Intro of Development Officers and organising students to sports

10.45am- 12.00pm 1st sports option

12.00pm-12.30pm Lunch break (chance for students to mingle)  

12.30pm-1.45pm 2nd sports option

1.45pm -2.15pm Prize Giving

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